She Votes Alderman!

A social media series showcasing women running for alderman in Chicago

The results are in! The Chicago Consolidated Primary Election, held on February 26, 2019, resulted in women winning the aldermanic race in 9 of our 50 wards. But we’re not done yet – there are 8 more wards that have at least one female candidate in the run-off being held on April 2, 2019 for the Chicago Consolidated General Election.

Before the February 26 election, there were only 14 women on our City Council – just 28%! With the upcoming general election on April 2, we stand a chance to increase the representation by women to 17 – moving the needle to 34%. Through our social media series, we want to help get our next City Council to represent OUR voice — after all, 51% of Chicago residents are women!  Bringing in more gender diversity to our local government will create more collaborative efforts and help prioritize what’s truly important to the well-being of the citizens of Chicago.

From schools to clean water to community safety and more, we asked all 61 female aldermanic candidates across 37 wards to answer questions around issues that are important to women. The candidates also shared with us who they are, their ward, stories about the women in their life, and why you should vote for them!

Below is a list of women who have won their aldermanic race or are in the run-off in the upcoming election. Click on the candidates’ names below to learn more about who they are and their message for a better Chicago. We have also included their website so that you can learn more about their platform and vision for their ward and the city of Chicago. 

She Votes Illinois uses an inclusive definition of “women” to include trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who identify as femme.

The information contained on this page is provided only as general information and does not imply an endorsement by She Votes Illinois.

From early voting dates, poll locations, and registration requirements, check out our 2019 Voting information guide to help you find everything you need to vote in the upcoming election.

Election day: April 2, 2019

Ward 3 Pat Dowell (i)

Ward 4 Sophia King (i)

Ward 6 Deborah Foster-Bonner 

Ward 8 Michelle Harris (i)

Ward 10 Susan Sadlowski Garza (i)

Ward 16 Stephanie Coleman

Ward 16 Toni Foulkes (i)

Ward 20 Jeannette Taylor

Ward 23 Silvana Tabares (i)

Ward 30 Jessica Washington Gutierrez

Ward 31 Milagros “Milly” Santiago

Ward 33 Deb Mell (i)

Ward 33 Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez

Ward 34 Carrie Austin (i)

Ward 37 Emma Mitts (i)

Ward 43 Michele Smith (i)